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The Company and the situation:

From a modest start in 1978, where aircraft renovation and trading formed the basis of the business for the company's founder and present owner Niels Sundberg, SUN-AIR has expanded during more than 36 years to its present position as an important operator within several business areas. The best known of these is probably the franchise cooperation with British Airways which, since 1996, has resulted in all scheduled flights operating as British Airways with the company's aircraft bearing the livery of British Airways.

SUN-AIR's head office is located at Billund in Denmark. This is also the site of the largest of the company's three aircraft maintenance centres. The other two service centres are located at Aarhus Airport and at Thisted Airport. In addition there is a ticket office at Billund.

In accordance with the company's motto: "Not bigger - but better", SUN-AIR's staff of approx. 200 employees work with efficiency and considerable flexibility to ensure that their passengers and customers receive the highest possible levels of quality, service and safety. Welcome on board!


Things are running very well for this customer, and we therefore are looking for a Technical Director to help them secure and develop the positive and good development. 


The job:


As Technical Director with SUN-AIR of Scandinavia A/S you will have the overall daily responsibility for coordinating / cooperation between the aircraft maintenance centres in Thisted, Aarhus and Billund. You must be able to business develop as well as streamline within your area.

You will have 3 aircraft maintenance centres foremen and 1 warehouse manager in direct reference and approx. 45 employees in the reference of those 4.

The Technical Director will be a natural part of the management group, and will be based in the office in Billund.


The tasks in this job are many. Among the primary are:

* Collaboration / co-ordination between the aircraft maintenance centres in Thisted, Aarhus and Billund
* Business development
* Streamlining & LEAN optimization
* Continually increase the competitiveness
* Development of the aircraft maintenance centres in South Africa and in the US
* Part of the management group
* Technical dialogue with various aviation authorities (Trafikstyrelsen, EASA, DCAA, SACAA etc.)
* Participation in Operator's Conference on the aircraft
types they are operating and certifies
* Budgeting and follow-up on results & projects                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          * 
Negotiations of local union agreement 


The candidate:


* Has a good technical insight and commercial abilities  
* Has insight in / experience with aviation
* Manage to create as well as maintain relations
* Is flexible as a person
* Owns good business acumen
* Knows what "it takes" to work in a family owned company
* Has deep knowledge about union agreements as well as working time regulations etc.
* Works proactively and is a good planner
* Is good at describing  and communicating                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 * Must be able to obtain VISA to the US etc (clean record)



Can be various. For instance aircraft mechanic or similar. The experience from the aviation business as well as the personality is the most important.



Fluent English in speech and writing is a "must". Knowledge about German will be an advantage.



Computer literate. Especially in the MS Office Pack and in the normal systems used in the aviation industry.


Travel days: 

Approx. 20 - 30 days per year (both domestic and international travel).



Max. 1 hour from the main office in 7190 Billund.

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Januar 2015


DK-7190 Billund

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Charlotte Baisgaard

Mobil: +45 5197 3537


Lillevang 80 7190 Billund