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- reporting to the CEO of the Group

To the Dinex Group, we are currently looking for a Group Human Resource (HR) Manager. The HR Manager will be responsible for both strategic and operational HR activities. 

Strategically: Form and scope, core HR processes and provide value-adding support to the CEO and management team. Operationally: Drive and maintain different programs and analyses.

The Group HR Manager has no direct reports in the head office but works in a matrix organization where HR managers in other factories will report functionally to the Group HR Manager and legally to the General Manager of the factory. Currently, Dinex hold HR manager positions in Latvia and Turkey.

Dinex Group value personal management style that contains words like: action, motivation, feedback, humor and communication.

The position is newly created and will have base in DK-5500 Middelfart.



The Dinex Group is a leading global manufacturer and distributor of innovative engineered exhaust and emission control products and solutions for the heavy duty diesel and gas engine industry.

The customers of the Dinex Group are worldwide on-road and off-road vehicle manufacturers equipped with medium-heavy duty to large diesel and gas engines as well as distributors of exhaust and emission spare parts for trucks and buses including retrofit solutions for environmental zones. Additionally, the Dinex Group serves large engine manufacturers with complete systems solutions for marine, rail, power generation and off-road heavy duty machinery.

Their dedication to the manufacturing of high quality products based on their own technology platform is driven by a high performance culture and a desire to continually break new grounds within exhaust and emission systems.

In order to service customers both globally and locally, the Dinex Group will continue its global expansion and its local effort within all regions to make decisions close to markets.

The Dinex Group will strive to make the world a cleaner place by providing customers with pioneering products and optimized systems.

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  • Support, measure and improve management practices and leadership skills. Train managers in HR practices like interviewing, hiring, terminations, promotions, performance review, team work, employee development, motivation, feedback methods etc.
  • Run and develop the Leadership Pipeline Program on all production sites. Develop management skills through individual development plans and follow up on targets. Analyze performance results and define action plans for improving teamwork, collaboration, and management practices at each local site.
  • Manage the Bonus Program and assist management in setting up individual targets aligned with yearly business targets, define how to measure the targets to ensure uniform grading, coordinate collection of data and bonus agreements, and benchmark bonus schemes to have competitive level. 
  • Contract management; responsible for contracts for global managers and expatriates, termination agreements etc. Take the lead in complex people cases, and advice local managers to ensure legal compliance.
  • Recruit key managers in co-operations with management team including establish a recruitment, testing, and interviewing program for key managers to select only top-quality professionals.
  • Develop a strong and uniform organizational global culture by implementing core HR processes, standardized management practices, global HR policies, programs and practices which are adaptable to changing business conditions.
  • Run Employee Satisfactory Surveys and conduct exit interviews for key employees. Analyze results and recommend procedures to improve job satisfaction and reduce e.g. absenteeism and turnover.
  • Sparring with CEO and management team on HR topics as well as daily sparring, coaching and support to managers on HR, people issues, grievances, work accident resolution etc.
  • Develop and maintain a HR system that meets top management information needs. Prepare HR analyzes and reports to Group management.
  • Prepare budget of HR operations and drive social events in Dinex A/S, Denmark.
  • Identify shortcomings like internal mobility, qualifications, job design, number of employees, hiring needs, training, diversity etc. and implement corrective actions.


  • Has a clear understanding of what competences the organization needs to fulfill the strategic objectives and ability to fulfill and maintain this competence level.
  • Can make a critical evaluation of management performance and leadership skills. Not afraid to raise the voice in case of poor management practices or other issues.
  • Can drive a competitive performance management system through compensation and bonus programs, training, talent management, wage and compensation structure, etc. Ensure that the performance rankings correspond with the compensation and bonus practices.
  • Can facilitate an employee-oriented culture that emphasize quality, continuous improvement, employee retention and development, responsibility for own actions, and high performance.
  • Has an ability to transform knowledge gained from surveys and various HR tasks into strategic initiatives and execute to realize improvements.
  • Ensures that the organization compete effectively for managers, employees, and talents against competitors.
  • Is a highly self-driven diplomat and a trusted advisor to the CEO and the management team. The position holder put HR on the agenda globally and takes the lead in driving outstanding HR practices. A strong HR professional who can build a solid HR base and develop it further.
  • Is a strategic partner who assist the management team in achieving business goals through creative initiatives and understanding the unspoken things to increase the productivity and performance of employees.
  • World-class process skills: Excellent in process design and control in order to accurately measure critical management processes. Can drive projects in a matrix organization.
  • Is confidence-inspiring and respected: Can win professional respect from management and make them trust the Group HR Manager’s interest in helping and supporting them rather than policing them. Work directly with managers to improve quality and only escalate to CEO when necessary.
  • Is proactive and knowledge-seeking: Natural interest in following new industry trends and keep abreast with the latest HR developments like compensation, bonus, best recruitment practices, etc. within the industry. 
  • Owns strong social competences: Highly perceptive and understand things unspoken. Excellent interpersonal skills and conflict resolver who is able to effectively deal with and reply to sensitive inquiries or complaints. 
  • Is structured and result-oriented: Keep overview of different global programs, ensure deadlines are kept in cooperation with the respective managers, and achieve targets according to time and quality.
  • Has the willingness to undertake both strategical and operational tasks and perform all tasks with the same level of commitment and thoroughness.
  • Owns a robust personality, trust in own competences, and work with a high level of integrity.
  • Has at least 5-10 years of solid HR experience and management experience in an international environment.
  • Experience with performing employee evaluations and preferably certified in PPA (Thomas International). Other employee profile analysis like DiSC model can also be relevant.
  • Can show empathy, can communicate on all organizational levels, and operate with cultural awareness and sensitivity.
  • Has broad commercial understanding with a solid educational background in Management of People, Communication management and leadership, HRM, or similar. 


Fluency in English and Danish - Both verbally and in writing.

IT Skills:
Experienced user of MS Office and in general IT flair. Experience within analysis tools will be an advantage. 

Travel days:
Must be able/willing to travel approx. 20 - 50 days per year. 

Within max 1 hour away from DK-5500 Middelfart.

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  • Region Syddanmark

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DK-5500 Middelfart.


Charlotte Baisgaard

Mobile: +45 5197 3537

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Lillevang 80 7190 Billund